Early Intervention Program – Children who have unique needs or delays in some areas of development are evaluated and given individualized program to increase their skills and reach appropriate age skills. A child in the early intervention program may at the same time attend classes in a group setup of the same age to increase social and adaptive skills.

Teachers of children with special needs are graduates of Special Education or Education graduates with extensive training in Special Education regularly given by experts in the field.

Our Special Education Program is supervised by Teacher Cynthia Policarpio who has Masters in Education major in Special Education from U.P. Diliman. She has over 20 years experience in the field locally and abroad.




In partnership with Teacher Red Educational Therapy Services (TRETS), the Reading and Math Clinic of Crownvale School provides enrichment and educational therapy programs to children who are at risk for learning disability including those diagnosed with Dyslexia.

Program in the Reading Clinic is highly individualized. Students who are given these services usually manifest learning difficulties including:

Difficulty with reading, vocabulary and comprehension
Difficulty in spelling and written composition
Difficulty remembering
Poor handwriting
Problems with mathematics
Problems staying organized
Trouble following directions

Individualized program is designed to meet the specific learning needs of every learner. The specialized program uses multisensory approach in teaching Reading and Math.

The Reading Clinic was established in 1998 by Dr. Rachel Reed-Amparo, a Reading Specialist and a Special Education Teacher who has over 25 years of experience teaching children with learning difficulties.

Our Reading clinicians are given regular training by Dr. Rachel Red- Amparo.

Other Programs: Preschool and Elementary Education