Services: Progressive Early Childhood Education Program for Children Ages 2-6 and Elementary Level Grades 1-6

Other Services:
1. RRA Reading Clinic of TRETS
In partnership with Crownvale Learning Center, RRA Reading Clinic offers individualized programs to children with Reading and Math Difficulties including those diagnosed with Dyslexia.

Specially designed programs and materials to teach speaking, listening, reading, writing, arithmetic, problem solving, vocabulary, comprehension and study skills
For clients ages 4 to 16

“Some students need more than just a tutor……”

The Reading Clinic provides Individualized program to children of different age and level:
• Emergent Readers
• Beginning Readers
• Independent Readers
• Gifted Children
• Children at risk for Learning problems
• Children diagnosed to have learning disability

We develop the genuine love for Reading….We believe that the love for Reading is a foundation of scholastic success……….

2. Education for Special Needs Population
The Special Education program is designed to provide educational programming for students with special needs. An Individualized Education Plan (I.E.P.) is specially designed according to the individual needs of each child. We provide a modified Curriculum that is recognized in each Grade level by the Department of Education (DepEd)
A. Preschool Group (Toddlers, Nursery, Kinder 1, Kinder 2)
B. Primary Group (Grades 1-3)
C. Intermediate Group (Graded SPED)
D. One-on-one Program

3. Occupational Therapy
• Occupational Therapy provides treatment through specific and selected activities:
– Sensory Integration
– Fine Motor Development
– Development of Attending Skills
– Behavior Modification
– Activities of Daily Living (ADL)

4. Speech and Language Therapy provided by Certified Speech and Language Pathologist
– Specially designed programs to children with Speech Delay/Disorder, Communication and Language Disorder. Sessions can be in a One-on-One set up, Dyad or Group

4. Verbal Behavior Therapy (A.B.A. Language Program)
This behavioral approach to language is designed for children with Autism before the age of six. This program is designed to help children with language deficits to improve his/her communication skills. Program can be done at home.

5. Social & Play Group
This program helps children to develop basic social skills by focusing on elements of social interaction. This also promotes language and communication skills as well as age appropriate play skills.
a. Social and Play Skills Program for children ages 2 & 3, and 4-6

Others: Neuro-Developmental and Behavioral Evaluation , Parent Education Program, Teacher’s Seminar and Workshop, Yaya Workshop, Siblings Workshop