Welcome to Crownvale School Inc.

We offer Preschool, Elementary, Special Education, Auxiliary & Therapy Services (Developmental & Behavioral Medical Assessment, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Reading & Math Clinic) in Pampanga.

We believe in every child.

The child as a whole being is at the center of our educational programs, philosophy, goals, curriculum and teaching strategies. The child matters as he naturally constructs his own learning. We facilitate and scaffold the unfolding of the child’s amazing potentials, God-given gifts and multiple intelligence.

Crownvale is a happy place for children that promotes a warm and caring environment for exploration, wonderful experiences, enriching interactions and discoveries. It sets the foundation for a positive attitude for lifelong learning and success in the child’s endeavors.

We understand the unique child. In knowing our learner and respecting every child for who he is and what he could best become, we provide the developmentally-appropriate activities in his pace leading the child to an enjoyable learning journey.

Crownvale is anchored on the Progressive Philosophy of Education which views the child as a whole being with varied abilities understood in the context of the family and the community where he learns best through interactions through developmentally appropriate activities.

 Location Map

San Fernando Branch
# 2 E.Aguinaldo Street, Kalayaan Village, Quebiawan, San Fernando, Pampanga
Angeles Branch
305, Vanderbilt Ave, Brgy Ninoy Aquino, Angeles, Pampanga


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